Reigniting Hope: A Living Hope

Collectively, we watch with horror all the atrocities happening around the world. We struggle with what we see and hear. We grapple with our responses. We long for someone to do something to stop the wars, to make things right. And, if we aren’t careful, we can let fear, despair, and cynicism steal our hopeContinue reading “Reigniting Hope: A Living Hope”

Abide: Righting Our Hearts

Last weekend I bought a new decorative tray for my living room. The minute I walked in with it, I went straight to the ottoman and replaced the old tray with the new one. I do the same thing with other purchases. Sack in hand, I head to the closet and rip off the oldContinue reading “Abide: Righting Our Hearts”

Abide: Looking Inside

“I know what it’s like to live a divided life.” With these words, Rich Villodas opens the fifth chapter of his book, The Deeply Formed Life (p.88). I read them the night I finished a draft of last week’s post–the one where I wrestled to put into words the ways our bodies play a roleContinue reading “Abide: Looking Inside”

Abide: Practices and Prayer

For years I poured myself into dance. By middle school, I was at the studio four nights a week, learning and rehearsing. Each goal I set for myself pushed me to work harder, and it paid off. My last performance with that dance company, a ballet solo, reflected all the hours and years of practice.Continue reading “Abide: Practices and Prayer”

Journey of Joy: Week One — Desire

Is it possible to be homesick for somewhere you’ve never been? I mean, literally, that couldn’t happen. You can’t miss home if you’ve never been there, right?  And yet, if we take the term “homesick” less literally just to mean that deeper longing for a place, then I think we can deeply desire to beContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week One — Desire”

Playing Psalms: Goodness and Games — Tag

Simultaneously, my friends and I shouted, as if loudness affected the quickness of our words, “Not it!”“Not it!”“Not it!” Well, quickness counted. Because whoever was last to get the words out became the infamous IT, the one who had the hard task of tagging the rest of us who scrambled about the yard, arms flailing,Continue reading “Playing Psalms: Goodness and Games — Tag”

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