Playing Psalms: Goodness and Games — Tag

Simultaneously, my friends and I shouted, as if loudness affected the quickness of our words, “Not it!”“Not it!”“Not it!” Well, quickness counted. Because whoever was last to get the words out became the infamous IT, the one who had the hard task of tagging the rest of us who scrambled about the yard, arms flailing,Continue reading “Playing Psalms: Goodness and Games — Tag”

Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — Red Light, Green Light

My friend proudly took her place at the front of the gym, standing with her given authority before our class. With hands on hips, she twisted her body around and hollered, “GREEN LIGHT!” Her back to us, we ran toward her with all our might from the back of the gym, hoping to tag herContinue reading “Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — Red Light, Green Light”

Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, Act 2

The brief intermission over, we’re ready to get back to Playing Psalms. We settle in our seats, perhaps a little less eager than we were before the start of the show because we’re realizing this Christmas production isn’t all about snowflakes and sugar plums. It’s much more about the King who came to save HisContinue reading “Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, Act 2”