Reignite Hope: The Fruit of Love

We’ve zoomed-in the last two weeks to draw our focus a bit more onto one of our three graces, love, so that we can see how it is the greatest, how it sources faith and hope, and the way it flies over us in order to rally us to our King, assuring us He’s withContinue reading “Reignite Hope: The Fruit of Love”

Reigniting Hope: His Banner Over Us

Let’s imagine… We’re dragging our discouraged, defeated, and bruised bodies into the locker room at halftime. Nothing has gone the way we planned. Everyone is doubting our chance at victory. All hope seems gone. Then Jesus steps into the stinky, sweat-filled room, establishing Himself at the center of our sulking circle and slowly starts toContinue reading “Reigniting Hope: His Banner Over Us”

Reigniting Hope: These Three Remain

If we only ever look at the world and our lives with limited nearsightedness, hope plummets. We don’t see a way forward when our lenses are scratched and smudged with despair and cynicism. We fail to believe that how we feel or what we see will ever get better when our vision is hindered –Continue reading “Reigniting Hope: These Three Remain”

Reigniting Hope: Flames of Faith, Hope, and Love

The summer heat brings with it dry conditions that ignite like kindling. Just this week, my brother and his family were at the ready to evacuate on three occasions because forest fires raged near their home. When my brother sent me a video of one of the fires, my heart sank.  Then my mind gotContinue reading “Reigniting Hope: Flames of Faith, Hope, and Love”