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  • Cultivate: Tilling for Hope
    I don’t love cooking, but I do love eating a homemade meal. So I cook. In much the same way, I don’t love gardening, but I do love eating fresh, homegrown veggies. So I go to the farmer’s market. Ha! However, there were a couple of summers that my gardener husband had time and energyContinue reading “Cultivate: Tilling for Hope”
  • Cultivate: Plowing for Hope
    One winter I had the inspired idea to plant tulip bulbs in the hard, red dirt of Oklahoma. I went into the project thinking I’d dig some holes, drop in some bulbs, and wait for spring. But what transpired was HARD WORK.  My little spade proved quite inadequate, especially used by my scrawny-mom arms. IContinue reading “Cultivate: Plowing for Hope”
  • Hope Revival
    Even people who don’t typically keep up with the NFL (National Football League) have more than likely heard about the recent collapse of Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin. The night Damar’s heart stopped beating on the football field, everyone present and watching on TV stopped. Right where they were. With bated breath. Praying and hopingContinue reading “Hope Revival”

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This writing life expands my ability to study God’s Word with a depth and dedication that I could only dream about a few years ago. I love that you’re here to share all the revelations with me as we peel back the layers of Scripture and ourselves to discover what God has waiting for us.

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