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  • Behold: The Word
    Years ago coffee percolated through a contraption that took time and effort. I remember my grandma pouring water in the bottom half of her aluminum coffee pot then putting in a pole-like-contraption topped with a basket, into which she measured out coffee grounds — usually from a red Folgers can. She’d put on the lidContinue reading “Behold: The Word”
  • True Belonging: Anchor
    When I write a blog series, I work up a general outline before I launch into the actual writing of it. And, so far, each series has turned into a reflection of the spiritual journey God has me on at the time. So, as I’ve wondered — at first in my head, then here onContinue reading “True Belonging: Anchor”
  • True Belonging: Glory
    With Thanksgiving before us, it’s natural to look ahead to Christmas. If we’re intentional, these next weeks can become for us a season of gratitude for all we’ve been given, including Christ the King. John, the beloved disciple, had a way with words, describing this gift, Jesus, with poetic power: “In the beginning was theContinue reading “True Belonging: Glory”

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I love God and my family. I am so blessed to be in lifelong partnership with my husband, Larry, and we love being able to watch our three sons grow into great young men!

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