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  • Abide: Planting Our Feet
    Hunkered down in our windowless hallway, we listened to the battery-powered radio. News updates crackled as the howling wind forced the rain through the seams of our front windows. Hurricane Alicia threw her bolts of lightning down on Houston, flooding streets and pounding fifty year old trees to near death. I hid in the hallContinue reading “Abide: Planting Our Feet”
  • Abide: In the Spiritual
    I pushed toward the plane, whose roaring engines made it impossible to say a word to either of my sons. With a death grip on my two-year-old, I felt my determination to be strong slip a bit as I re-shifted the heavy car-seat in my other hand. A quick glance told me my six-year-old walkedContinue reading “Abide: In the Spiritual”
  • Abide: Righting Our Hearts
    Last weekend I bought a new decorative tray for my living room. The minute I walked in with it, I went straight to the ottoman and replaced the old tray with the new one. I do the same thing with other purchases. Sack in hand, I head to the closet and rip off the oldContinue reading “Abide: Righting Our Hearts”
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I’m excited to be an affiliate for The Joyful Life Magazine, a great quarterly resources for women who seek joy in their lives of faith.

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I love God and my family. I am so blessed to be in lifelong partnership with my husband, Larry, and we love being able to watch our three sons grow into great young men!

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