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  • God With Us: Peace
    The rush of a season meant for festivities often leaves us floundering in a wake of struggle and stress. Hustle shifts, becoming the hectic pace of hurry. Long lists begin to feel like imprisonment instead of empowerment. And plans for peace and joy get swallowed by panic and chaos.  Will I get it all done?WillContinue reading “God With Us: Peace”
  • Five Minute Friday: Instant
    I don’t participate nearly as often as I’d like, but every Friday┬áKate Motaung posts a prompt in her Five Minute Friday writing community. This week’s prompt is the word ‘instant.’ I’m meant to free write for five minutes on this word, then post. So. Here goes. Instant The instant I saw her on the screen–thousandsContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Instant”
  • God With Us: Goodness
    So much fills our senses this time of year. Baubles on trees. Music jingle-jangling through every speaker. And stories of all sizes and skill-sets. From tall tales told by uncles around the table to the newest holiday book on display at the store, from romances set in Pinterest-styled living rooms to bedtime dramas about flyingContinue reading “God With Us: Goodness”
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I’m excited to be an affiliate for The Joyful Life Magazine, a great quarterly resources for women who seek joy in their lives of faith.

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I love God and my family. I am so blessed to be in lifelong partnership with my husband, Larry, and we love being able to watch our three sons grow into great young men!

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