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  • Abide: In the Mental
    One glance at the clock and I know we need to hustle to get out the door, so I holler over to my three year old at the kitchen table, “Hey, bud! Put your bowl in the sink then go put your shoes on. It’s time to go!” “Okay, Momma!” And off I go toContinue reading “Abide: In the Mental”
  • Abide: Looking Inside
    “I know what it’s like to live a divided life.” With these words, Rich Villodas opens the fifth chapter of his book, The Deeply Formed Life (p.88). I read them the night I finished a draft of last week’s post–the one where I wrestled to put into words the ways our bodies play a roleContinue reading “Abide: Looking Inside”
  • Abide: In the Physical
    For as long as I can remember, I have walked into rooms to do something, only to forget why I’m there. One way to jog my memory is to walk back to the room I just came from to look for clues about my quest. More recently, however, I’ve become aware of my body inContinue reading “Abide: In the Physical”
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I love God and my family. I am so blessed to be in lifelong partnership with my husband, Larry, and we love being able to watch our three sons grow into great young men!

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