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  • True Belonging: Security
    I sat in my car and stared at the looming building in the distance. I watched as women, Bibles in hand, poured out of their cars and headed toward the entrance. I said a prayer for peace and trust one last time then stepped toward the people I hoped would become my next place ofContinue reading “True Belonging: Security”
  • True Belonging: Givenness
    I felt the weight of the moment, a transitioning of season and place, as my dad and I did the slow walk toward the altar. Both our emotions brimming near the surface, we silently stepped toward the future. Stopping within steps of my almost-husband, the pastor looked at my dad and asked, “Who gives thisContinue reading “True Belonging: Givenness”
  • Five Minute Friday — Rescue
    Paddling and kicking, I keep my head above the waves, water splashing and stinging my eyes. I inhale another raspy breath as I see a swell headed my way. Fighting against the current threatening to pull me under, I wonder how long I can keep treading water. Seconds from giving up, I see it. ThroughContinue reading “Five Minute Friday — Rescue”

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I love God and my family. I am so blessed to be in lifelong partnership with my husband, Larry, and we love being able to watch our three sons grow into great young men!

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