Journey of Joy: Week Fifteen — Homecoming

I love that you’ve stayed my faithful travel companion for nearly four months, exploring joy from many facets and at every phase of desiring, seeking, and living it. We’ve immersed ourselves in Scripture and story and self-discovery to unearth everything about God, joy, and ourselves so that we can learn to embrace and exude aContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Fifteen — Homecoming”

Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — Red Light, Green Light

My friend proudly took her place at the front of the gym, standing with her given authority before our class. With hands on hips, she twisted her body around and hollered, “GREEN LIGHT!” Her back to us, we ran toward her with all our might from the back of the gym, hoping to tag herContinue reading “Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — Red Light, Green Light”


As I drove north toward Oklahoma, my shoulders tense and mind whirring, I turned on some of my favorite Christmas songs that evoked worship and praise. And sang as loud as I could.  By the time I got where I was going, my worries had subsided and my focus was back on Jesus. Yes, my circumstancesContinue reading “Beyond”

When a Move of God Means a Move

Having trust as my word for 2020 is proving to be quite the anchor for a year of challenge and change. I thought I knew what God might be doing when He asked me to trust Him more, but I could not have anticipated how deeply I would need that trust. On June 4, ourContinue reading “When a Move of God Means a Move”