Journey of Joy: Week Two — Where You Are Now

The first time I met a GPS, she spoke with great authority, clearly calling out directions as our group from Oklahoma navigated the highways of Atlanta. Despite being amazed at her ability to know where we were at any given moment, I had to work hard to overcome my skepticism every time she paused toContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Two — Where You Are Now”

Journey of Joy: Week One — Desire

Is it possible to be homesick for somewhere you’ve never been? I mean, literally, that couldn’t happen. You can’t miss home if you’ve never been there, right?  And yet, if we take the term “homesick” less literally just to mean that deeper longing for a place, then I think we can deeply desire to beContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week One — Desire”

Journey of Joy: The Proposal

Stuck. If there’s one word that captures how most of the world has felt for the last year, it’s stuck. First, the long months of complete lock-down in which we found ourselves isolated and separated like no generation ever. Weddings canceled. Funeral postponed. Graduations delayed. Churches closed. Schools moved home. Offices shut tight. Entertainment halted. Continue reading “Journey of Joy: The Proposal”