This Hope: An Anchor for Our Souls

Stories abound of boats that survive hurricanes – even when the same storm strips every tree of their leaves and branches, even when buildings are leveled and living creatures perish. The common difference maker between a sunken ship and one that stays afloat? The anchor.  When a storm comes barrelling toward her boat, the skipperContinue reading “This Hope: An Anchor for Our Souls”

This Hope: Power in His Promises

As I continue to wrestle with the way suffering builds our hope and how hope can help us endure, I keep visualizing this 80s poster: While this frisky feline holds little hope of getting down without some help, he does have some claws to aid in his hanging on. We, however, lack retractable nails –Continue reading “This Hope: Power in His Promises”

Journey of Joy: Week Two — Where You Are Now

The first time I met a GPS, she spoke with great authority, clearly calling out directions as our group from Oklahoma navigated the highways of Atlanta. Despite being amazed at her ability to know where we were at any given moment, I had to work hard to overcome my skepticism every time she paused toContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Two — Where You Are Now”

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