This Hope: An Anchor for Our Souls

Stories abound of boats that survive hurricanes – even when the same storm strips every tree of their leaves and branches, even when buildings are leveled and living creatures perish. The common difference maker between a sunken ship and one that stays afloat? The anchor.  When a storm comes barrelling toward her boat, the skipperContinue reading “This Hope: An Anchor for Our Souls”

Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, Act 1

Today, the world kicks-off Advent, the season of preparation leading up to Christmas, and we’re taking part by having some fun Playing Psalms together. The particular Psalms that we’ll be playing in this series are the Royal ones that not only make use of mental images of monarchs but move us toward Messiah. I readContinue reading “Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, Act 1”

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