Word a Year — Obey #2

My year of obedience was so full that one blog post couldn’t capture it all. I’m pretty sure two can’t either… A million years ago—okay, a couple of decades—I heard my first teaching on obedience. Vanessa Lerner, our associate pastor’s wife, spoke about hearing from God. She taught that when we hear from God andContinue reading “Word a Year — Obey #2”

Word a Year — Ask

Did you ever hear that old radio dialogue, I think between Abbott and Costello, about who’s on first? It’s hilarity derived from the sheer absurdity of the conversation–at a baseball game, one guy asking “who’s on first?” The other guy responding, “yes, Who’s on first.” And back and forth they’d go, never once realizing theyContinue reading “Word a Year — Ask”

The Power of Remembering — Presence

Somewhere along the way we started a crafting tradition on Thanksgiving Day. For anyone who wants to take part, we clear the table of the remnants of our feast and pull out all the supplies for a fun DIY project. One year my Aunt Susan planned our craft and brought most of the supplies neededContinue reading “The Power of Remembering — Presence”

The Power of Remembering — Christmas

I discovered something about myself a few years ago–I greatly prefer books and movies that bring me peace and joy. Yes, every good story needs conflict, but maybe not so much that my heart rate rises and my shoulders knot-up. So, while I am a proud English major and degree holder, have a penchant forContinue reading “The Power of Remembering — Christmas”

The Power of Remembering — Grandma

My cousin said it best the day of the funeral–our grandma was born to be a grandmother. It was an amazing thing to come together to celebrate her life because each of us could share our memories of Lillian Camp. And to a person, we each spoke about how much family meant to Grandma. SheContinue reading “The Power of Remembering — Grandma”

The Power of Remembering — The First

When our Associate Pastor shared recently about his gratitude for the people in his life who have shaped and influenced him, he encouraged us to tap into the power of remembering. I heard this and realized I NEEDED that kind of power in my life because I have been a bit stuck of late. 2019Continue reading “The Power of Remembering — The First”