Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, The Prologue

As I listen to Lauren Daigle croon, “Oh, what fun it is to ride! Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh,” I feel an excitement tapping itself into being within me. I want to have fun! Yes, I do!

Believe it or not, I think we can have some fun together this Advent with the Psalms. 

You did read that correctly. Fun with the Psalms. Really. We can.

In these weeks leading up to Christmas, we’ll look at a few Psalms that revealed hints of who Jesus would be hundreds of years before He was born. The Bible scholars of the world would call these particular Psalms the Royal Psalms. Royal because they have themes and motifs of kings — earthly kings like David, our Heavenly Father as king over Israel, and the eternal king, the King of Kings, who will at the end of this age reign forever. This King of Kings is the Messiah, aka, Jesus, and the focus of our Christmas cavorting.

Beyond the wisemen who brought good tidings, joy, and gifts to Baby Jesus, our Christmas decor doesn’t much reflect royalty. We don’t typically hang regal accoutrements as we rock around the Christmas tree. But, perhaps, as we frolic with these Royal Psalms over the next few weeks, we’ll better understand why the kings of the east followed that star for all those miles to see a baby in a manger.

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And, just in case you’re wondering why we might spend an Advent scouring the Psalms for scents of the Savior, know that it’s because they stand as witness to the fact Jesus was always God’s plan. God knew before humans fell to the wages of sin that He’d need a plan of redemption. That plan came in stages with King Jesus at its climax and culmination. 

God in HIs wisdom and kindness let us know, through many of the writers of the Old Testament, that His Messiah was coming — even in the Psalms. 

Maybe our playtime in the Psalms will be a little like hunting for treasure. If you bring your shovel, I’ll bring the metal detector. Together, we’ll make a few discoveries about this Baby who was born to be the Savior of the World. We’ll come away with our arms, and hearts, full of God’s purposes and providence. 

Our romp through the Royal Psalms will make us ready for Christmas — faith bolstered and eyes opened to all He has for us as we close-out what has been one crazy year.

If you want to do a little prep work before we meet again next Sunday, read Psalm 2 and see what royal themes you find. Grab that shovel and start digging.

Oh what fun we’re gonna have!!

Ready to play, Shelley Johnson

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