Abide: Taking Up Faith

Fight, flight, or freeze.  Threats, stress, and pain come at us, and we either fight back. Flee the scene. Or freeze in place. Me, I’m the one who consistently left when things got rough. Too much tension and arguing? I’d hop in my car and hurry to my friend’s house. Too much accusation and pressure?Continue reading “Abide: Taking Up Faith”

Abide: In the Social

This is the time of year my spirit starts anticipating the gathering of believers known as the New Room Conference. Every year for three days in September church leaders from around the world gather in one space to worship, pray, and take-in the love of Christ. It’s a place of humility and surrender as weContinue reading “Abide: In the Social”

Texas Transplant

Across from our new house is this (above) beautiful, peaceful park of sorts. Today, I sat upon one of the rocks, listening to the water that flowed nearby, wanting peace but not quite sure how to find it, and once again heard myself asking God — When will I find my purpose here? When willContinue reading “Texas Transplant”