This Hope: Our Endurance

When news of another friend’s loss reaches me, my heart lurches. It aches for the person who now lives without their loved one, who must abandon dreams and change life plans. Then I wonder to God, “How will they ever get through such grief? …How would I?” It makes me think of a story BethContinue reading “This Hope: Our Endurance”


Welcome to a bonus post! As we wrestle with hope’s role in our suffering, we need to consider how to express our truest feelings to God when we’re at our lowest. For the vast majority of us, when we hurt, we resist – we hold back on naming what we feel for fear of theContinue reading “BONUS POST: Lament”

This Hope: Suffering Matters

Despite the naive assumption of my twenty-something self – when I believed I could pray, work, or obey enough to avoid the hard paths – suffering is universal. There’s not one thing we can do to evade it. But I have certainly given it my best shot. 😉 During Lent, I took part in aContinue reading “This Hope: Suffering Matters”

This Hope: Resurrection Life

Stepping into the huge sanctuary, I saw beyond the crowd to the stage, draped in vines and flowers as if a garden. Then, eyes wide with wonder, I saw it – the empty tomb. Soon Easter songs echoed around me with praises and truths about “Christ risen,” and my heart absorbed every note, every emotion.Continue reading “This Hope: Resurrection Life”

God of Hope: Transcendent and Immanent

It’s morning on the third day. The tomb is empty. And the Eleven (once Twelve) are gathered to hear the bizarre, perplexing stories of Jesus appearing to the women, to Peter, and to the two from Emmaus (Luke 24:33-35).  Confusion reigns where shock and grief still consume – “We had hoped that he was theContinue reading “God of Hope: Transcendent and Immanent”

God of Hope: Just and Merciful

This Lent I’ve been fasting from television in the evenings – with the exception of watching The Chosen. I just can’t get over seeing the story of my Savior unfold with such emotion. The writers have captured so much of what we’ve been exploring in this space during Lent – namely, the paradoxical nature ofContinue reading “God of Hope: Just and Merciful”

God of Hope: Incomprehensible and Approachable

Years ago, my husband, my parents, and I attended the “Indescribable Tour,” an evening of worship with Chris Tomlin and teaching with Louie Giglio. It was a night of stargazing – not the celebrity sort, but the celestial. Like the Psalmist who said, “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moonContinue reading “God of Hope: Incomprehensible and Approachable”

God of Hope: All-Powerful and Patient

We humans, we’re just not good at waiting. It’s why we honk at slow drivers, tap our toes as we wait in line, and even shout our impatience at the train blocking the intersection.  God, however, is consistently described as patient – slow to anger, and long-suffering. There’s no yelling coming down from heaven whenContinue reading “God of Hope: All-Powerful and Patient”

God of Hope: Sovereign and Good

Years ago, I was part of a teaching team that led a Christian “basics” class. One particular session offered discussion prompts around the idea of God’s lordship, such as: “God runs a kingdom not a democracy.” “In a democracy, the leaders represent the people; in a kingdom, the people represent the king.” For many, thisContinue reading “God of Hope: Sovereign and Good”

God of Hope: Holy and Loving

When we give ourselves space to think about who God is, we can sometimes get caught up in a mental game of tug-of-war because we can’t quite discern if He is this or that. Is He full of wrath or slow to anger? Is He to be feared or trusted? Is He holy or loving? Continue reading “God of Hope: Holy and Loving”

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