Women of Hope: Unnamed Women

At the Well My feet cannot carry me fast enough! A weight has been lifted, and I am free! Free to run toward the people I’ve hidden from for years. Free to tell them who I am – because HE told me everything about me. And extended fellowship, truth, and love anyway. “Everyone, listen! Come,Continue reading “Women of Hope: Unnamed Women”

Women of Hope: Joanna and Lydia

Financier Number One The damp air cools my tear-soaked face. The silence of the early morning deafens my senses, and my heart sinks as I see the garden, the tomb. More tears. Filling and spilling. Oh, how could He be dead? How is Messiah no longer with us?  Wait. The stone is moved. The tomb,Continue reading “Women of Hope: Joanna and Lydia”

Women of Hope: Martha

Surely my eyes deceive me. Lazarus lives! Jesus spoke the word, and Lazarus walked out of the tomb. Even with the wrappings still hanging from his limbs, I could tell he was healthy. Whole. Alive! Jesus told me Lazarus would rise, and I thought He spoke of the Last Day. But Jesus meant TODAY! Oh,Continue reading “Women of Hope: Martha”

Women of Hope: Mary of Bethany

Everything in my body pulses with anticipation. My breath comes quickly. My hands shake. My heart is sure to burst with gratitude and love for my Lord. The jar in my hand warms at my touch and dampens with my tears. Father in Heaven, may this gift be acceptable in your eyes… Eyes. They boreContinue reading “Women of Hope: Mary of Bethany”

Women of Hope: Mary Magdalene

My feet seem not to touch the ground as I run toward the brothers. I’m very nearly flying… HE LIVES!!! My Lord lives! The One I love has risen from the dead. HE HAS DEFEATED DEATH! Like Lazarus, He has walked out of the grave. My eyes have seen Him. My arms have held Him.Continue reading “Women of Hope: Mary Magdalene”

Women of Hope: Mary the Mother of Jesus

Oh Father, I have tried to understand what Simeon meant all those years ago when he told me that a sword would pierce my side too – I had no idea what depth of pain he alluded to. But, as I watched that soldier unsheathe his sword to puncture Jesus’ side, Simeon’s words came floodingContinue reading “Women of Hope: Mary the Mother of Jesus”

Women of Hope: Shiphrah, Puah, and Anna

The Midwives My entire adult life these hands have held Hebrew babies, but now to carry my own child seems too good, too great. How faithful Yahweh is! When Puah and I went before Pharaoh – afraid for our lives – I didn’t expect to leave his presence with my life, yet we not onlyContinue reading “Women of Hope: Shiphrah, Puah, and Anna”

Women of Hope: Esther

Almighty God, You have guided my steps for all my years, leading me into my cousin’s loving home after my parents’ death, placing me – an orphan exile –  in the palace as part of the king’s harem, and granting me favor with so many. So, I choose to trust You now, Father in Heaven,Continue reading “Women of Hope: Esther”

Women of Hope: Ruth

I knew that crossing the Jordan River to leave Moab behind would label me as “foreigner” and “dreaded Moabite.” I knew I’d have much to learn in this new place and that as widows our lives would be hard. But I never expected the people of Bethlehem to be so distant and… dangerous. I feelContinue reading “Women of Hope: Ruth”

Women of Hope: Rahab

My heart won’t stop pounding. My breath comes in short spurts – I can no longer see the spies running in the distance. Oh, that the God who split the Sea will keep His spies out of the sight of the soldiers hunting them.  Of course He will. What a day! The men who enteredContinue reading “Women of Hope: Rahab”