Dwell: In the Valleys

Even though I walk    through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil,    for you are with me;Psalm 23:4a Valleys – verdant pastures, flowing rivers, and breathtaking views of the mountainous horizon. In the days of the pioneer, valleys were settled first because of the natural protection mountains provided, the necessary life-source of water, and the fertile soil.Continue reading “Dwell: In the Valleys”

Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — Follow the Leader

While I may not have been a big fan of games like “Red Rover” in my growing up years, there was one game I loved: “Follow the Leader.” Being at the head of a line of friends who trailed behind me required no physical strength, no particular stratagem, nor any specific skill — except maybeContinue reading “Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — Follow the Leader”