Dwell: In God’s House Forever

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.Psalm 23:6b This time of year conversations swirl, spurred by simple curiosity, “Are you going home for the holidays?” Home. The word can mean something different for each of us, and many have attempted to give it a solid definition–or at least a direction:   As IContinue reading “Dwell: In God’s House Forever”

Dwell: In God’s Goodness and Mercy

Surely your goodness and love will follow me    all the days of my lifePsalm 23:6a On this journey with the Shepherd King, David, we’ve trekked through fields and valleys and mountaintops to get to this final verse–to be reminded that Psalm 23 is a looking back. David gazes upon this life he has walked with hisContinue reading “Dwell: In God’s Goodness and Mercy”

Dwell: In the Overflow

You anoint my head with oil;    my cup overflows.Psalm 23:5b Summer sunshine brings life with its warmth. Plants and trees flourish, fruit ripens, crops mature. And insects multiply.  Fly swatters stay busy during picnics and barbecues. Spray covers skin to keep bugs at bay. We do just about anything to avoid the nuisance of tiny, flyingContinue reading “Dwell: In the Overflow”

Dwell: At His Table

You prepare a table before me    in the presence of my enemies.Psalm 23:5:a October turns the corner this week, and November looms large because it ushers in the holiday season. Packed full of traditions, Thanksgiving and Christmas mean much in our culture, but at the heart of all the festivities is the feast. In every culture,Continue reading “Dwell: At His Table”

Dwell: In His Presence

Even though I walk    through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil,    for you are with me;your rod and your staff,    they comfort me.Psalm 23:4 A friend reminded me this week how many Christians have bought into the idea that the God of the Old Testament is not the same God of the New Testament. NOT TRUE. GodContinue reading “Dwell: In His Presence”

Dwell: In the Valleys

Even though I walk    through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil,    for you are with me;Psalm 23:4a Valleys – verdant pastures, flowing rivers, and breathtaking views of the mountainous horizon. In the days of the pioneer, valleys were settled first because of the natural protection mountains provided, the necessary life-source of water, and the fertile soil.Continue reading “Dwell: In the Valleys”

Dwell: On Right Paths

“He refreshes my soul.He guides me along the right paths    for his name’s sake.” Psalm 23:3 The ‘power of three’ exists all around us, conveying to us perfection, completion, and wholeness. We see it in nature: morning, noon, and night. Birth, life, death. And in literature: beginning, middle, end. Musketeers, little pigs, and blind mice. In art:Continue reading “Dwell: On Right Paths”

Dwell: By Still Waters

“He leads me beside quiet waters.” Psalm 23:2b Sitting on the riverbank, I perched at the water’s edge on a tree root protruding from the ground like a small bench. It had taken half an hour, easily, for me to finally sit still once I’d reached the river. Fluttering butterflies had beckoned my attention. Turtles andContinue reading “Dwell: By Still Waters”

Dwell: In Green Pastures

“He makes me lie down in green pastures”Psalm 23:2a, NIV Can you think back to a moment in your childhood when your parent’s presence calmed you? Like after a bad dream, and you sneak to their bedroom. Just lying on the floor next to my parents’ bed made me feel better because they were closeContinue reading “Dwell: In Green Pastures”

Dwell: Without Lack

A great majority of Christians on the planet today have grown up hearing verse one of Psalm 23 this way: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.(Psalm 23:1, KJV) Pausing to reread those nine words, try to take in what is meant by, “I shall not want.” If you read it as IContinue reading “Dwell: Without Lack”

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