Journey of Joy: Week Ten — Delays, Detours, and Disappointments

It rained the whole week. Here we’d planned a much-needed getaway to our favorite city on the South Carolina coast, and instead of warm, life-giving sunshine, we had to splash our way through town with umbrellas and jackets. This wasn’t what I’d wanted. The temptation to pout and give in to disappointment-induced-grouchiness, nearly overtook us.Continue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Ten — Delays, Detours, and Disappointments”

Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, The Epilogue

The “Hallelujah Chorus” still thrumming in our ears and hearts, we collectively wonder if that’s it. It always seems to happen — we wait and watch for Christ’s coming each year, then all at once Christmas is over. That same feeling of loss settles over us now. We want more.  That’s when we realize theContinue reading “Playing Psalms — An Advent Series, The Epilogue”

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