Journey of Joy: Week Eight — Stops Along the Way

In our 30 years of marriage, my husband, Larry, has preferred to be the driver on vacations because, in his own words, “I want to get there.” He was not implying that if I drove we’d get lost and never get there but that I’d drive slower. And he wanted to get there. Now thatContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Eight — Stops Along the Way”

Journey of Joy: Week Seven — Departure!

Departure — a travel word if there ever was one. One of the few times we hear the use of departure is when we’re at the airport, train station, or bus stop, staring hopefully at a board that lists the status of all the departures.  Departures can be grand. I’m an 80s kid, so “LoveContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Seven — Departure!”

Journey of Joy: Week Six — It’s Time to Pack!

My heart pounded louder with each list that came around. Our leaders’ hope to prepare us for our upcoming trip to the Holy Land only caused my anxiety to rise because each list revealed what I didn’t have for the ten day excursion.  My reality? I had no idea how to prepare for such anContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Six — It’s Time to Pack!”

Journey of Joy: Week Five — The Waiting and Anticipating

A quick glance at the calendar tells me the trip we booked months ago is only six weeks away. My insides do that little fillip while my thoughts scamper, adding to my mental to do lists. But more than anything — after a year of sitting in the house — I just can’t wait! Yet,Continue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Five — The Waiting and Anticipating”

Journey of Joy: Week Four — Booking Rooms and Transportation

One fine April afternoon, my husband and I started dreaming about a romantic getaway while making an eight hour drive to Texas. I’d seen one of the airlines had their $99 ticket promotion going, so I read off the cities included. Charleston piqued our interest enough that I pulled out our calendar, found some datesContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Four — Booking Rooms and Transportation”

Journey of Joy: Week Three — Charting the Course

During my second excursion to the Holy Land, most of our group sat bunched together toward the front of the bus, but I chose to sit in the back with a few of my fellow travelers, the ones who wanted to compare notes, count steps, and study maps between stops. We had so much fun!Continue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Three — Charting the Course”

Introducing: The Joyful Life

Part of my journey in becoming a writer has been to research how other writers’ websites look, what they post on social media, and where they submit their writings for publication. In all my searching, I discovered The Joyful Life. Not only is their website beautiful, but their heart to come alongside Christian women toContinue reading “Introducing: The Joyful Life”

Journey of Joy: Week Two — Where You Are Now

The first time I met a GPS, she spoke with great authority, clearly calling out directions as our group from Oklahoma navigated the highways of Atlanta. Despite being amazed at her ability to know where we were at any given moment, I had to work hard to overcome my skepticism every time she paused toContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week Two — Where You Are Now”

Journey of Joy: Week One — Desire

Is it possible to be homesick for somewhere you’ve never been? I mean, literally, that couldn’t happen. You can’t miss home if you’ve never been there, right?  And yet, if we take the term “homesick” less literally just to mean that deeper longing for a place, then I think we can deeply desire to beContinue reading “Journey of Joy: Week One — Desire”

Journey of Joy: The Proposal

Stuck. If there’s one word that captures how most of the world has felt for the last year, it’s stuck. First, the long months of complete lock-down in which we found ourselves isolated and separated like no generation ever. Weddings canceled. Funeral postponed. Graduations delayed. Churches closed. Schools moved home. Offices shut tight. Entertainment halted. Continue reading “Journey of Joy: The Proposal”

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