True Belonging: Anchor

When I write a blog series, I work up a general outline before I launch into the actual writing of it. And, so far, each series has turned into a reflection of the spiritual journey God has me on at the time. So, as I’ve wondered — at first in my head, then here onContinue reading “True Belonging: Anchor”

True Belonging: Glory

With Thanksgiving before us, it’s natural to look ahead to Christmas. If we’re intentional, these next weeks can become for us a season of gratitude for all we’ve been given, including Christ the King. John, the beloved disciple, had a way with words, describing this gift, Jesus, with poetic power: “In the beginning was theContinue reading “True Belonging: Glory”

True Belonging: Friends

Our first move as a young family came in 1999, and when we were able to buy our first home computer, it meant I had a way to stay connected with all the people I’d left behind in Houston. I’d get excited to see my inbox full of waiting messages until I realized that allContinue reading “True Belonging: Friends”

True Belonging: Abide

Like every good Methodist teen in the 80s, I attended MYF every Wednesday night. After a hamburger dinner in Fellowship Hall, we’d traipse upstairs to our set apart room full of couches and quippy posters with snow-capped mountains and settle in with acoustic worship. One particular song that I recall with great fondness, probably becauseContinue reading “True Belonging: Abide”

True Belonging: Self

Last week we used reverse thinking, determining that we don’t belong to the world, to help us understand where we do belong — with Jesus. This week we’ll implement a similar strategy as we seek to find ways to live in the world, but not of it, as those who belong to Jesus. We’ll startContinue reading “True Belonging: Self”

True Belonging: World

In the first semester of my freshman year of college, a new, agnostic friend asked why I believed in Jesus. Her question held genuine curiosity, but my response lacked so greatly that I regretted my inability to speak my why, muchless sway her to follow Him.  That day, my attempt to explain my faith cameContinue reading “True Belonging: World”

True Belonging: Gospel

Tim Keller says, “The Gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”   Gospel. As Christians, we hear this word and often make the quick assumption that weContinue reading “True Belonging: Gospel”

True Belonging: Name

My sweet Grandpa Camp, who lived to his mid-nineties, never knew his family of origin, and it amazed me that it never seemed to bother him. But as I’ve been pondering Jesus’ prayer in John 17, it strikes me that Grandpa must have been content in knowing that he belonged to the Camp family. Adopted.Continue reading “True Belonging: Name”

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