Remain: Drawing Near to God

Despite the thousands of miles that separate them, doting parents laugh with their children and a faithful aunt blows kisses to her niece and nephew. A tiny screen makes a way for connections to happen–a way for families to see, hear, and love from afar. But at some point, they’ll be reunited, drawing close forContinue reading “Remain: Drawing Near to God”

Remain: God, Our Refuge

Many summers ago, Larry and I took our three sons to Colorado. To a one bedroom cabin with no internet. No cable TV. And one tiny table built for two. Needless to say we spent lots of time outdoors–which was the point of the trip. One afternoon, however, we planned for a day “in.” EagerContinue reading “Remain: God, Our Refuge”

Remain: Dwelling with God

If I nodded toward a park bench, breathless from our long walk, and said, “let us tarry here a while,” what would you do? a. Push onwardb. Pout, reluctantly handing me your terry-cloth towelc. Pop-a-squat and sit a spell  It’s my hope that you would have taken a break with me–because to tarry is toContinue reading “Remain: Dwelling with God”

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