Epic of Eden — David

We started out this Epic of Eden journey looking at “The Great Cultural Barrier,” wrapping our minds around the fact that without the lens of cultural context we will fail to capture all that the Old Testament has for us. Recognizing that Israel was a tribal, patriarchal society helps us grasp depths and truths andContinue reading “Epic of Eden — David”

Epic of Eden — Moses

If we were to play a word association game, and I said, “Moses,” what would you say? My dad would say “Charlton Heston” (of The Ten Commandments fame). Basketball fans might say “Malone” (as in the NBA player).  Others might say “baby on the Nile,” “splitter of the Red Sea,” or “recipient of the tenContinue reading “Epic of Eden — Moses”

Epic of Eden — Noah and Abraham

  We’ve been organizing our Old Testament closets in this Epic of Eden study with the five people we’ve memorized (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David). If we add Jesus, we have six “shelves” in our once-messy closet. Last week we talked about Eden and the New Jerusalem as bookends of redemptive history – lookContinue reading “Epic of Eden — Noah and Abraham”

Epic of Eden — God’s Final Intent

What did you think of Eden last week? I don’t know about you, but Eden is so much more than I had ever imagined.  To use Dr. Richter’s “proverb” for this perfect place God created, we get a sense of what Eden held: “The people of God, thriving in the place of God, dwelling inContinue reading “Epic of Eden — God’s Final Intent”