Behold: New

Scrolling through Instagram today turned out to be good for my mind, my heart–my soul. Kinda crazy, considering I rarely scroll for very long, but I did today because a friend’s post grabbed me. She did this clever year-in-review that captured their miraculous journey from positive pregnancy test to birth through the merriest of holidaysContinue reading “Behold: New”

Behold: Joy

Today is a day for rejoicing!  After all the festivities and frolicking and fellowship with family and friends, it is easy for us to crash into despondency and even disappointment the day after Christmas. So, instead, let us choose to set our minds on Jesus today–to look on Him with grateful hearts for all HeContinue reading “Behold: Joy”

Behold: Messiah

After losses and what felt like lots of waiting, we finally held our newborn son. My heart loved him the minute we conceived him, but gazing at him somehow deepened that love. When my eyes connected with his, something changed within me–as if the bonds that held us together became more spiritual than physical.  IContinue reading “Behold: Messiah”

Behold: Love

One morning this fall, wrapped in a warm blanket and settled in my cozy chair, I set out to read my daily Scriptures and devotion, having no clue that the prayer at the end would ignite in me a new searching, a new longing: “Come, Holy Spirit, and help me learn to behold Jesus inContinue reading “Behold: Love”

Behold: The Word

Years ago coffee percolated through a contraption that took time and effort. I remember my grandma pouring water in the bottom half of her aluminum coffee pot then putting in a pole-like-contraption topped with a basket, into which she measured out coffee grounds — usually from a red Folgers can. She’d put on the lidContinue reading “Behold: The Word”

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