Five Minute Friday: Instant

I don’t participate nearly as often as I’d like, but every Friday┬áKate Motaung posts a prompt in her Five Minute Friday writing community. This week’s prompt is the word ‘instant.’ I’m meant to free write for five minutes on this word, then post. So. Here goes. Instant The instant I saw her on the screen–thousandsContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Instant”

Five Minute Friday: Become

A fluttering throng of brown flitted so quickly my eyes couldn’t focus on any one of them. As I stepped closer to the river’s edge, toward a space of overturned dirt, my breath caught. Hundreds of wings erupted into flight. I’d never observed so many butterflies in one setting, and I’d never seen this typeContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Become”

Five Minute Friday — Rescue

Paddling and kicking, I keep my head above the waves, water splashing and stinging my eyes. I inhale another raspy breath as I see a swell headed my way. Fighting against the current threatening to pull me under, I wonder how long I can keep treading water. Seconds from giving up, I see it. ThroughContinue reading “Five Minute Friday — Rescue”


First He prayed, “Everything is possible for you.” A word of faith. Of truth. Then He prayed, “Take this cup from me.” His honest, heart-felt cry. The pain, the suffering bubbling-up out of His humanity. “Yet not what I will but what you will” (Mark 14: 34, 36). A choice to follow God wherever HeContinue reading “Possible”