Introducing: The Joyful Life

Part of my journey in becoming a writer has been to research how other writers’ websites look, what they post on social media, and where they submit their writings for publication. In all my searching, I discovered The Joyful Life.

Not only is their website beautiful, but their heart to come alongside Christian women to inspire and equip them for holy, joy-filled living grabbed my attention. I can see their intentionality in everything they do — their photography is top-notch, their blog posts are well-written, and they communicate well on their site and in their emails. Curious, I bought one of their magazines to see what it was like.

This is the front cover of their newest magazine release for Spring 2021. The theme is CREATE.

What I received blew me away! It’s more like a magazine-sized book — the paper is thick, matte, and full of color and design. The articles vary from stories to recipes and fun DIYs to articles soaked in Scripture and personal experiences.

This gives you a peek at what the inside of the magazine looks like.

Joyful Life offers two devotional books in their shop, as well as Bible studies, Scripture cards, and various ways to purchase their magazine, which publishes quarterly, so I am super excited to announce that Joyful Life and I are now affiliates! We have a similar vision for our ministries — that of offering quality, thought-provoking resources for women who seek to grow in their faith. Now we can support each other in our mutual missions!

This is Joyful Life’s second volume of devotionals.

And, while I’m doing an entire series on JOY, I thought it couldn’t be a more perfect time to let you know about this. I invite you to check out their website. Today, I downloaded the digital version of their Bible study called Count It All Joy. I’m excited to see how it might add to my own Journey of Joy!

I really am honored to have this connection with Joyful Life! They have a lot to offer us as we seek to grow deeper in our walk with Jesus.

See you Sunday for our next step on our Journey of Joy!


Published by Shelley Johnson

Follower of Christ, wife, mother of three, daughter, sister, friend. Seeker of ways to share the love I've found in Jesus with others.

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