Girls with Swords Introduction

Our next study begins this week! It’s based on Lisa Bevere’s book, Girls with Swords. We have a group of women at our church (New Covenant UMC, that meets every Monday morning, but not everyone can make to study so this blog gives you the opportunity to read the book in community!

Girls with Swords seeks to empower women for the spiritual battle that rages around us through prayer and God’s Word. We’ll learn what it means to live by the power of the sword, ways to disarm the enemy, and how to live in forgiveness and restoration.

Reading Lisa’s book by itself is enough to get your thoughts going, but I already like using her “Fencing Manual,” a workbook designed to supplement the book. Her questions help us apply what we’re learning to our own lives, think a little more about some very significant facts and concepts, and dig deeper into our study of The Word.

Lisa’s introduction video is great! ( It lays a foundation for what her book is about and tells an incredible story of how God has already used and affirmed Girls with Swords. (She uses the same story in her Foreward.)

Read the first chapter (and complete chapter one of the Fencing Manual), then meet me here in the coming week!


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