Just Lead! Week Two

KD – Week 2 was filled with great information, but first I have to say I knew I had lots in common with Jenni! The sport she loves; tennis.  My game of choice to play too!  :)!

KD – Sherry’s ideas and thoughts on insecurity I definitely agree with; how I react to it makes all the difference.  Healthy criticism given with love can be very helpful.  Doing my laundry sorting on whether comments are given in love or mean-spirited was a great way to approach it : “encouragement”, “wisdom” or “discard”.  Unsure, go “up”! One verse, Phil. 4:8 is a great resource for defining criticism thrown towards me. (And often I need to “think on these things!”)

KD – Criticism towards my performance in a leadership position is another area all together.  Often I absorb every criticism and agonize over it.  I question whether I should even be in the position in the first place and can often fall into the fear of failure and let it paralyze me!  One thing though that Priscilla Shirer’s study on Gideon taught me was even in leadership position it’s not about me!  God uses our weaknesses, insecurities and fears to accomplish His purpose.  It is for His glory, not my recognition or accolade.  So discerning the criticism through prayer and wise council will help me to recognize that this is part of His plan and not about me!  Don’t allow the enemy to use my insecurities as a distraction to get me off track!

KD – Then there’s that ugly word again; PRIDE!  It always keeps rearing its ugly head.  Talk about a powerful tool of the enemy.  Even when I think I’m not being prideful; is that prideful?  It can appear in so many ways that it can even suck you in before you even recognize it! Pride shows up in so many lies.  I love one of Jenni’s examples of “our need to be needed”; which in reality can rob us of the joy of seeing others’ successes.  We are even so caught up with successes that we can often not be happy for even others’ children’s successes.  Such a competitive world!

What a beautiful reminder that with humility comes wisdom.  I love the thought that it is difficult for arrogance or pride to get a hold of us or consume our heart if we are constantly looking for ways to learn or improve in every situation.  What a great lesson to learn as young as possible!  (maybe it’s not too late for me!)  I definitely need to take her advice and read more and probably attend more conferences!  I know that God has so much to teach me through His word, wise leaders and mentors and books written by wise people!  I’ll try and persevere!!!

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