Cultivate: Planting for Hope

How many times have you heard the adage, “You reap what you sow?” How many times have you seen it fulfilled? All the time – that’s why it’s proverbial. In my own life, if I sow much sugar into my body, I reap much pain and discomfort. If I sow a steady diet of socialContinue reading “Cultivate: Planting for Hope”

Cultivate: Hope’s Level Ground

I may not like gardening, but I delight in a beautifully landscaped yard. So, when we moved into our Oklahoma home, my husband and I actually took great pleasure in the hard work of filling flowerbeds, hoisting rocks into the just right positions, and throwing down that top layer of fresh mulch. But there wasContinue reading “Cultivate: Hope’s Level Ground”

Cultivate: Tilling for Hope

I don’t love cooking, but I do love eating a homemade meal. So I cook. In much the same way, I don’t love gardening, but I do love eating fresh, homegrown veggies. So I go to the farmer’s market. Ha! However, there were a couple of summers that my gardener husband had time and energyContinue reading “Cultivate: Tilling for Hope”

Cultivate: Plowing for Hope

One winter I had the inspired idea to plant tulip bulbs in the hard, red dirt of Oklahoma. I went into the project thinking I’d dig some holes, drop in some bulbs, and wait for spring. But what transpired was HARD WORK.  My little spade proved quite inadequate, especially used by my scrawny-mom arms. IContinue reading “Cultivate: Plowing for Hope”

Hope Revival

Even people who don’t typically keep up with the NFL (National Football League) have more than likely heard about the recent collapse of Buffalo Bills player, Damar Hamlin. The night Damar’s heart stopped beating on the football field, everyone present and watching on TV stopped. Right where they were. With bated breath. Praying and hopingContinue reading “Hope Revival”

Hope Redeemed

Turn the news on, and we hear story after story that seemingly affirms what we’ve suspected: the world is out of control. Invasions, crime, political divides, corruption, and religious failures scream to our fears, “There’s no hope!” Add to this list our personal burdens–family conflict, financial strain, failing health–and it’s no wonder we’ve become theContinue reading “Hope Redeemed”

Hope Remains

She busied herself in the garden, tending to the tender new shoots under the gentle spring sun. But her thoughts betrayed her, harkening back to the forbidden box she’d hidden under blankets and bedding.  What’s in that box? Why am I not allowed to open it? Curiosity. A gift from the god of gods thatContinue reading “Hope Remains”

God With Us: Hope

Last night my extended family rang in the new year together as we gathered to celebrate the wedding of two beloved 20-somethings in our family. Like births, weddings intrinsically hold within them much hope–hope for the future, hope for lasting love, hope for starting well so that all that is to come will have aContinue reading “God With Us: Hope”

Dwell: In God’s House Forever

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.Psalm 23:6b This time of year conversations swirl, spurred by simple curiosity, “Are you going home for the holidays?” Home. The word can mean something different for each of us, and many have attempted to give it a solid definition–or at least a direction:   As IContinue reading “Dwell: In God’s House Forever”

Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — What It All Means

I saw a meme this week of a harried-looking guy hollering, “I’m getting pretty tired of living through historical events!” I needed some humor at the time I saw it because I was feeling it — that depth of, when is this gonna end? Lord, when will You answer our prayers and bring healing toContinue reading “Playing Psalms: Games and Goodness — What It All Means”

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