Girls with Swords Chapter 3

You Might Be a Hero I’m an 80s girl…I read the title of this chapter and I’m thinking Footloose…”I Need a Hero!” Interesting because this chapter is not about us, women, needing heroes. It’s about US being the heroes. Total shift in thinking, isn’t it? Maybe the hardest thing in this chapter is the notionContinue reading “Girls with Swords Chapter 3”

Girls with Swords Chapter 2

A Sword is Born God’s Word is so full…of truths, promises, and sometimes surprises! Did you have any idea how many passages used “sword”? I have read Genesis 3:24 hundreds of times and never paid attention to the “flaming sword.” One of the reasons I love Bible study with teachers like Lisa Bevere is theyContinue reading “Girls with Swords Chapter 2”

Girls with Swords Introduction

Our next study begins this week! It’s based on Lisa Bevere’s book, Girls with Swords. We have a group of women at our church (New Covenant UMC, that meets every Monday morning, but not everyone can make to study so this blog gives you the opportunity to read the book in community! Girls withContinue reading “Girls with Swords Introduction”