She’s Got Issues — Chapter 5

Insidious Insecurity I missed posting last week, so let’s not dawdle. Let’s talk…insecurity, “a cloudy kind of word, with all kinds of associations and feelings hiding in it.” Insecurity is the recognition of an area of vulnerability, the general sense of dis-ease in one’s own skin. Insecurity presents itself both as a trait of ourContinue reading “She’s Got Issues — Chapter 5”

She’s Got Issues – Chapter 1

Here we are, sisters in study, ready to begin our discussion of Nicole Unice’s book, She’s Got Issues. Chapter One — “Cheap Plastic Souls.” From her opening Barbie quote to her question, “Am I changed because of Jesus?” Nicole captured my attention on that first page…but I also became acutely aware that this book won’t beContinue reading “She’s Got Issues – Chapter 1”

Full Circle – An Intro to She’s Got Issues

June packed in a lot of traveling for this once-wannabe-traveler. Now it’s July! Already! My travels are over.  I’m glad to be home. I’m glad it’s still summer. Shall we dig into another book together? Since we’re sisters in study, it’s only appropriate that we should do at least one book about our issues. IContinue reading “Full Circle – An Intro to She’s Got Issues”

Going West – Our Final Day

Israel Day 12 – Going West Our final day in Israel and we’re headed west, hitting a couple of sights before our final destination, Tel Aviv. I’d say today was about hills and valleys. We hovered mostly in the valley, most famously known as, Armageddon. And all around this strategic valley are mountain ranges andContinue reading “Going West – Our Final Day”